EdgeTech Law

A Specialty Technology Law and Advisory Firm Serving Clients Globally from Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., and Shanghai.


As veterans of large law firms, we strive to provide clients with options enabling them to bypass enormous overheads that are so often associated with mega-firms.


We focus, with persistence and drive, on generating value for our clients at the most efficient cost.


Our teams of seasoned attorneys, technologists, and strategists have expertise in a wide array of technical fields ranging from life sciences, digital health, medtech, to artificial intelligence and computer electronics.


Coupled with deep business acumen and legal skills, we are well-poised to help our clients craft leading-edge technology, business, and legal solutions.



We believe that the business of a law practice must be aligned with the craft of a law practice.


We take pride in practicing that craft with an eye on a bottom line of securing creative solutions for our clients, not on one of clocking hours billed those clients.



We subscribe to an expansive business world-view and act as an enabler to our clients as they assess and implement strategies for domestic as well as international marketplaces, be they the mature U.S., European, and Japanese markets or the emerging markets of Asia, such as China and Vietnam.