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Our practices focus on intellectual property, business, technology law and related areas

Tech Transfer and M&A

  • Technology Licensing

  • Strategic Alliance

  • Co-development & Commercialization

  • Material Transfer & Outsourcing

  • Asset Acquisition & Joint Venture

  • Domestic & Cross-border Corporate (Re)organization

Tech Transfer and M&A

IP Due Diligence, Audits

  • Merger & Acquisition

  • Public Offering

  • Private Placement

  • Start Up & Venture Financing

  • Product Launch

IP Due Diligence, Audits

Patenting, Patent Opinions

  • Patent Procurement

  • Worldwide Portfolio Management

  • Patent Post-grant Proceedings

  • (Non)infringement & (In)validity Opinions

  • Patentability Opinions

  • Freedom-to-Operate Opinions

Regulatory Compliance

  • Biologics

  • Small Molecules

  • Consumer Health Products

  • Diagnostics

  • Medical Devices

  • Health IT Systems

  • Pharmaceutical Product Life Cycle Management

Patenting, Patent Opinions
Regulatory Compliance
IP Dispute Resolution

IP Dispute Resolution

  • Pre-litigation Counseling

  • Federal Court Trials & Appeals

  • Settlement & Mediation

  • Commercial Arbitration

  • Multijurisdictional Enforcement (US & China)

Our Work Focus

We focus on securing the best solution for our clients, whether negotiating a cross-border M&A deal, implementing and enforcing a licensing program, forming a co-development alliance and outsourcing partnership, defending against a patent infringement claim, procuring patents and other IP rights, evaluating an IP portfolio, formulating litigation and settlement strategies, or crafting an amicus brief on questions of IP law that affect the advance of a particular technology and industry.

Our Work Focus
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